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This is a game currently in active development. I need data, a lot of data, for the game. please send me your values for the scores given to you at the end of each run (when you die and go to a different screen). Also any feedback for the game play is appreciated, but do remember that minute details like wishing the walls looked a little better or the health bar not clipping through walls will be taken care of in the final version. Play it as much as you want and send me all that juicy data. The more I have; the better the game will be!


WASD/arrow keys to move

B to melee attack and interact 

N to shoot a ranged attack

P to go to the menu 

esc to exit the game

9 to shuffle through 10 possible Battle Songs 

Just kill some slimes for as long as you can and tell me how you did with the numbers. 


GetGood_Beta_V6.exe 32 MB

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